DocHawk Platinum

DocHawk Platinum 2.0

DocHawk Platinum 2.0 is a patent-pending application tailored especially for the BlackBerry that enables full-image viewing of Adobe Acrobat (PDF), eFax (PDF), J2 JConnect fax (JFX), Microsoft PowerPoint (PPS & PPT), Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS & XLW), RTF, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF files.

  • Gliding zoom supports moving through attachments with ease
  • Supports web client and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) users
  • Quick, truly rendered viewing of e-mail attachments at multiple zoom levels plus thumbnails
  • Available for all color BlackBerry models with OS 4.0 or newer

DocHawk Platinum 2.0 provides the ultimate in advanced attachment viewing capabilities. View your e-mail attachments the way you would expect, but could never realize from your BlackBerry: quickly, accurately and conveniently.

Product Highlights:

Not a browser-based solution

Our DocHawk Platinum 2.0 viewer application affords a new tier of attachment document viewing capabilities.

Maintains the original document appearance

The person who crafted your attachment meant for the document to appear in a particular manner. We uphold their full intent.

Provides clear viewing of text and graphics

DocHawk Platinum 2.0 offers zoom levels of 25% to as large as 150%, and once a page is retrieved, no further network communication is required in order to change zoom levels.

Save pages locally

If you need to have access to documents while on-the-go in areas having less-than-stellar network coverage, DocHawk Platinum 2.0 will support you. Even if you are on a flight, saved pages are still accessible.

Integrates directly with the BlackBerry e-mail applet

DocHawk Platinum 2.0's functionality is directly accessible from your familiar BlackBerry e-mail application.

Minimizes network traffic through compression techniques

Speed, clarity and accuracy are the hallmarks of DocHawk Platinum 2.0 while ensuring the lowest possible amount of network traffic.

DocHawk Platinum


DocHawk Platinum 2.0